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Dress Code for Students (HoCo Week)

Monday, September 24, 2018


Dress code: Don your poodle skirts, leather jackets, and bobby socks! Show your spirit by dressing up from the decade that belongs to the T birds and the Pink Ladies!

Lunch time game: Guess that song! The class will send up four members to guess a song from different decades. The four classmates will act as a team to earn the class points.


1st place = 5 points

2nd place= 4 points

3rd place = 3 points

4th place = 2 points


Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Dress Code: Peace and love! Break out your tie dye and bell bottoms and dress groovy to represent the decades dedicated to hippie and disco fashions!

Lunch time game: Mouth Piece Game! Each class will choose eight players to answer a series of decade sayings one at a time, and a teacher to say the sayings with a mouthpiece. The team who answers the most sayings correctly in two minutes wins.

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points


Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Dress code: Totally show your spirit by wearing bright colors and bold style to represent the decade that brought Pacman and the Rubik’s Cube!

Lunch Time Game: Stomp competition!



Thursday,  September 27, 2018


Dress code: Go back to the nineties by dressing in your overalls, keds, and scrunchies to show spirit for the decade that gave us Full House and The Fresh Prince!

Lunch time game: In this relay race, each class will select four class members and a teacher. Each member will hold an I.D. above his/her head and look up to it, spinning ten times. One at a time, students will grab a piece of clothing, run across the gym, and use that clothing to dress their teacher, then they will run back to select the next class member. First class to dress their teacher wins!

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points


Friday,  September 28, 2018

Dress Code: Homecoming shirt, PBIS shirt, or white, navy, or black school uniform shirt with school uniform bottoms. Show your Bobcat Spirit! Show up to the football game to support the Erath Bobcats as they take on Welsh