Powderpuff Date: 9 / 21 / 2022   

Times:  Powderpuff Court Walk: 6:30 pm;  First Game: 7:00 pm    Location:  Robert J. Segura Memorial Stadium (Football stadium)

Details:  Teams may begin practicing on Friday, September 16th.

Powderpuff court will be announced on 9/15.

Meeting for all participants (cheerleaders, players, coaches) will be Wednesday, September 14th

All students check in at stadium at 6:00 pm. Students must be on time and wearing a class shirt to participate. All students are asked to participate in the honor guard for the Powderpuff Court and cheer on their class from the sidelines.

Each class will earn points for the percentage of students participating. Powderpuff Court members and Powderpuff Cheerleaders in uniform are the only students who will be counted as participants without wearing class shirts.

Each class will choose a class song and create a banner. Before the game, the class must enter the field to their song with the girls running through the banner and the boys performing an honor guard. Music must be given to Mr. Turner for approval and uploaded PRIOR to that day. 

The HOCO court will be announced at Powderpuff. 


  • EHS Students wearing ID/ Powderpuff Cheerleaders-  $3

  • Spectators- $5

Powderpuff Court members, Court parents, and children in Kindergarten or younger receive free admission.

Date: 9 / 21 / 2022     Times:  Powderpuff Court Walk: 6:30 pm; First Game: 7:00 pm

Location:  Robert J. Segura Memorial Stadium (Football stadium)

Scoring Details:  

  • *Powderpuff football points:

  • 1st=20 pts.  2nd=15 pts. 3rd=10 pts.  4th=5 pts.

*Cheerleaders points:

  • Each cheer squad will be required to perform a routine that will be judged for points:

  • 1st= 4 pts.  2nd= 3 pts.  3rd= 2 pts.  4th= 1 pt.

*Participation points:

  • Participation points will be awarded based on the percentage of class members wearing ID and present for counting PRIOR to games. Points will be given using a 10-point scale.

  •  For example:

  • If 100% of a class participates, they receive 10.0 pts.; 95%= 9.5 pts.; 83%= 8.3 pts.; 78%= 7.8 pts.