UL Signing Day
🔴UL Academic Signing Day🔴

Today, seventeen Erath High School Seniors participated in UL Lafayette Academic Signing Day.  Special Guests from UL Lafayette recognized these hardworking students who have been awarded and have accepted a total of $226,780 in Scholarships.  These seniors signed their certificates today at a special signing ceremony.

Recipients of the Cypress Scholarship valued at $8,800 each:

Lily Davis
Aiden Hargrave
Kynnedi Hebert 
Ami Langlinais 
Kade Lasalle 
Chloe Leger 
Isabella Neal 
David Richard
Kiersten Price
Madison Shumock
Julianne Tipper 
Avery Toups 
Thaovy Tran 

Recipients of the Magnolia Scholarship valued at $19,604 each:
Molly Floris 
MiaAnn Oliva
Claire Watson 

Recipient of the Live Oak Scholarship valued at $53,568:
Jordan Romero

These students have an average ACT composite score of a 26 and an average GPA of a 3.8.
We are so proud of them!  Congratulations!