Homecoming 2022-FOR EHS Students

Erath High Homecoming 2022-FOR EHS Students

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY for changes! We appreciate that everyone will keep comments in a positive light or they will be removed. If parents have questions, you may contact the school directly. The students may ask Dr. Smith at school.

After consultation with central office, homecoming events will go on the day of homecoming. There will be some slight changes due to safety protocol. We will still have the parade, a Pep rally for high school students and community, and variations of visitation at each school.

As stated last week, all three Erath schools will resume visitation for Homecoming. Visitors will be required to present a ticket with their name or get in a line to sign in. No Bags or purses of any kind will be allowed. Students will be sent home Tuesday a sheet requesting the number of tickets needed. Alumni can begin picking up tickets at EHS on Tuesday, September 13th through Friday, September 23rd.


Student Information

All students planning to attend school on Homecoming must attend the full day.  School begins at the normal time of 7:11 a.m. and will end after the parade passes the semi-circle at approximately 12:45 p.m.  No one will be allowed to check in or out on that day due to visitation and other activities.

Erath High School students are not allowed on campus as visitors.  If you plan to attend, you must attend the entire day and follow the same schedule as the rest of the student body.

Leave book bags at home.  Bring money if you want to buy food or drinks during the day.

All students must follow the school cell phone policy on Homecoming day.

Dress code for Homecoming includes:

TOPS:  Uniform Polo, PBIS T-shirt, or Homecoming T-shirt

BOTTOMS:  Uniform Shorts or Pants or School Appropriate Blue Jeans

The schedule for Homecoming is as follows:

7:11       Morning Bell – Everyone must report to their  first period for roll call. 

7:30       Homecoming Mass – Students attending Homecoming Mass will report to

               the semi-circle when the announcement is made over the intercom.

  • 7:15 – Homecoming and Powder Puff Courts, Cheerleaders, Dance Team, Football Team report to the semi-circle.
  • 7:20 – All other students who want to attend mass report to the semi-circle.
  • Students not attending mass will report to the gym.

10: 15   Visitation –NO BAGS OR PURSES OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED.  All students  

will remain in the courtyard or pavilion areas only. All other areas of campus are

off limits.  Music will be provided and concessions will be sold. 

11:00    Pep Rally – All students will attend the pep rally and sit with their classes.

11:45    Lunch – Students may eat in the cafeteria or remain in the courtyard.

12:30    Parade – Students will be escorted to the semi-circle for the parade at 12:15 p.m.  Students will be dismissed after the parade at approximately 12:45 p.m.

**NOTE** Bus riders who are marching in the parade must make arrangements to have a

ride home as the buses will have already left the school by the time the parade returns to school.

**NOTE** Students who drive home should avoid Broadway and Kibbe Streets due to the parade.

If you have any questions or concerns, see Dr. Smith.